Staff Legal Abogados Offices. Bilbao

Staff Legal Abogados
Staff Legal Abogados: interior despachos

Interior designSUBE Contract

Year of completion: 2007

Location: Staff Legal Abogados Office. Alameda Recalde, 35. 48011 Bilbao.

Materials used: elondo wood

Detail of the office project of Staff Legal Abogados

Office located in Alameda Recalde taking up approximately 180 square metres. The layout was made in order to mark out two areas:

  • Main area, decorated with elondo wood slats combined with copper and grey lacquer
  • Work area, where the doors were given the same design as in the main area and the office layout involved steel-coloured aluminium and glass screens.

The photograph shows several curved-shaped ceilings with central holes from which a designer lamp was hung. All wall panels were made of elondo hardwood for the rounded edge required in the design.

The wall panels ran right up to the ceilings to produce curves, combining wood and lacquer. This effect was complemented by the indirect lights for the ceiling and floor. The effect is repeated in the main area.