Urazca Offices in Oviedo, use of zebrawood in furniture

Urazca offices

Interior design: ATEMPO

Year of completion: 2006

Location: Oficinas Urazca. Oviedo.

Materials used: zebrawood veneer

Furniture project details

Premises designed using light-coloured materials, primarily to gain luminosity. White elements such as the chairs and tables were combined with a bright red coloured rug, etc.

  • We surrounded the tables with a side detail in a relatively thick zebrawood veneer.
  • On the front we used 7- 8 cm covers and a simulated zebrawood veneer wall measuring 9 – 10 centimetres in thickness. This was supported by mid-height furniture behind the table in the same zebrawood veneer material and generally with white walls, except for two or three sections in which panelled wood was used.

All walls were then painted white and some fronts red. A white lacquered skirting board measuring 10 centimetres in height was installed around the entire premises.