Twist Shop. Ballonti Shopping Centre

Twist Shop: Centro Comercial Ballonti

Interior design: Landa Ebanistería Project

Year of completion: 2009

Location: Twist shop. Ballonti Shopping Centre. Portugalete. Bizkaia.

Materials used: MDF board

Detail of the cabinetmaking and interior design project

This is a chain of shops located throughout Bizkaia that sell gift items.

The furniture in these shops is designed to highlight the product that, in itself, is very colourful. Therefore, white lacquered furniture was used to provide light. MDF board is often used for this type of lacquered finish, as it is a material with very little movement so that the joints do not open after the furniture has been finished.

As can be seen in the photograph, the premises has two counters: one for check out and another to support the check-out desk and, in turn, for the sale of articles, wrapping gifts, etc. and for support during busy periods such as Christmas. It is a format that is highly used in this chain of shops.

The rest of the shop has shelves, and centre trolleys in line with the lacquered furniture. In the specific case of this shop, combined with some wengue-coloured finish module, all of the edges on the furniture are curved to avoid blows. These are very busy shops and this avoids problems from blows, accidents and products (which are generally small) falling to the floor.

Mirrors were installed between the shelves. Three of the shelves form the walls of the shop window looking outwards, leaving two gaps with wheeled modules. These are used as a door to access the shop windows. These shop windows are equipped with 20 centimetre high bases, with white lacquered shelves on the same walls to match the rest of the shop, leaving a space for the sale of small furniture (also available as a product sold by the chain)