Sorpréndele Shop. Gifts for men. Bilbao

Interior designATEMPO

Year of completion: 2003

LocationSorpréndele Shop. Gifts for men. Bilbao

Materials used: Combination of lacquers with wengue coloured oak wood finish

Furniture construction project details

Sorpréndele is a shop selling original gift items for men and the shop stands out due to its products. To display them, we created lacquered display units with glass doors, lock, measuring approximately one metre in width, installed around the entire perimeter. We also produced central tables as pyramidal islands around the entire area to display different products.

The islands are lacquered in two shades, combined with a wengue coloured oak wood finish.

The customer service desk was equipped with an upper product display unit, and interior drawers and spaces for bags, all lacquered grey to match the rest of the shop. It even includes a module behind the shop window that, in turn, acts as a display unit and a screen and door to access the shop window. This display unit has a circular glass in the centre to fit the name, which can be seen from the shop window.

In relation to the façade, we lacquered the existing frames and door, installing upper facing on the façade on which to house the white lacquer corporate lettering with the text “Sorpréndele” Regalos para Hombre.