Design and construction of furniture at Megacalzado

Interior design: ATEMPO

Year of completion: 2004

Location: Megacalzado. Zubiarte Shopping Centre. Bilbao

Materials used: Combination of different colours of melamine

Detail of the furniture construction project

The establishment is located in the Bidarte Shopping Centre at Deusto bridge.
This shop is entirely made of a combination of different melamines, combining colours to mark out the different areas of the shop using colour. A uniform design is maintained throughout the shop, with product display shelves and storage visible to the public, which is company policy in all of its shops.

The photograph shows more lively colours in the children’s area: a bench with bars for children forming three seats and a continuous bench. The latter is not made of melamine. It has a curved shape, which is not possible with melamine. Therefore, MDF board was used and the unit was lacquered in a similar colour to the melamines.

This type of work is generally carried out by reading the colour to be obtained (using a machine that reproduces almost precisely the same colour as the melamine sample chosen). In this case, the technical management decided to make it slightly lighter than the green colour of the wall.

The bars were lacquered in metallic grey and run around the entire shop to a height of 2.10m. It includes racks and back plates to fit melamine shelves. The heights can therefore be adjusted depending on the area and on the size of each product.

The following photo shows the difference in colours in this area of the shop compared to the rest: this area is used for payment and returns.

The shop includes a general counter where products are paid for alongside the door. It was made using several modules of different heights and depths superimposed on each other, with glass displays above some of them. The inside includes openings for bags, drawers, tills, etc.

The rear of the counter includes a large cupboard. This was made of imitation maple wood melamine with a PVC edge to imitate plywood. It is used to store auxiliary material for the counter and, in turn, as product storage.

It includes white melamine upper doors to conceal the height of the cupboard, ready to be covered with silk-screened vinyl to give the image of a poster or corporate image rather than a cupboard. The decoration was completed by painting the sides in different shades to give the impression of a molten wall.