Project for the Hall of the newspaper El Correo Español. Bilbao

El Correo Newspaper

Interior design: ATEMPO

Year of completion: 2003

Location: Hall of the El Correo Español Newspaper. Bilbao

Materials used: tinted cherry wood

Project details for hall

The El Correo Español Newspaper has offices in Bolueta, Bilbao.

We produced a entrance layout area, installing several original-design panels.

The image shows a tilted panel, divided into squares and made of tinted cherry wood. We created a wall with the gradient described in the project and covered with varnished boarding.

The project management was the responsibility of the company Atempo.

Several areas involved lacquered panelling to create a curved pattern, with relief and shadows thanks to the lighting.

The enclosed ceiling involved a window frame that used beading to fit translucent white perspex sheeting, with florescence at the top. The result was a pleasant ambient light.

The reception desk was designed and produced in line with its use: customer service.