Bide Onera Shopping Centre

Bide Onera Shopping Centre
Mostrador de madera de arce, con tratamiento curvo. Bide Onera

Interior design: ATEMPO

Year of completion: 2003

Location: Bide Onera. Underwear department. Barakaldo. Bizkaia

Materials used: Beech and maple wood

Details of the reform project in Barakaldo Shopping Center

This is a building located in the centre of Barakaldo and consists of 4 floors, each one used for different products.

We completed the full refurbishment of the second, third and fourth floor. The images shown of the project are photographs of some of the counters, which reflect the style of work completed.

As can be seen in the photograph, the floor was a PVC material and patterns designed by the decoration studio were implemented. We used curved elements to give continuity to the pattern and to the furniture in question. The pattern on the floor, therefore, marked the space of the counters, display units and furniture in general.

On the first counter we highlight the importance of the backlighting, for example:

  • With a circular column that is completely lit inside
  • Several modules for the check out desk
  • The auxiliary area for customer service

Set with a ceiling made in the same manner. The decoration reaches the upholstered rear wall, with door to access an auxiliary storage room.

The material used is tinted maple wood with beading prepared to house white Plexiglas panels.

The second image, which corresponds to another of the floors of the building, shows a counter made of beech wood with sections, horizontal slat mouldings, white Formica top and steel-coated kickboard.

Another example of wood treatment in a circular shape and with the ceiling worked in the same way can be seen: this is a curved development, like the counter, intertwined to a column and, in turn, fitting into the circle made in the floor. This ensures the sales areas of the different products are delimited.