Sumelec Vizcaya S.L. offices, Asua

Sumelec Vizcaya offices Asua. State-of-the-art, synchronised pore oak melamine used to give the same finish inside and outside

Offices in Torre Iberdrola Bilbao

Interior design: SUBE Contract (Sube Interiorismo) Year of completion: 2014 Location: Oficinas Torre Iberdrola. Bilbao Materials used: beechwood Offices in Torre Iberdrola Bilbao We produced them all with a unified design of 4 centimetre-thick vertical battens,...

Decoration project in a home in Neguri

Interior design: Macarena Barcia Year of completion: 2012 Location: Home in Neguri. Getxo. Bizkaia Materials used: Beechwood Decoration project in a home in Neguri using lacquered beechwood. This decoration project is a partial refurbishment of the home, producing a...

Andoni Aresti Dantza Eskola. Leioa

Refurbishment of the Andoni Aresti Dantza Eskola posed a challenge: to provide the premises with a very flexible floor to avoid injuring students and teachers.