Santutxu home. Details of the lounge.

interior design: Macarena Barcia Year of completion: 2015 Location: Home in Santutxu. Bilbao Materials used: Oak Santutxu home. Details of the lounge. Three elements must be noted in this project implemented in a flat in Santutxu: To the right in the foreground is an...

Refurbishment in Aker Bar. Getxo

Bar Aker in Las Arenas Getxo. Installation and later refurbishment. The bar and the entrance were modified, the seats strengthened, decorative elements on the wall and the tables.

Auditorium | Auditorio Orona. Hernani

Orona centre in Hernani: the meeting room has been lined (walls, floor, ceiling) with material by the company Composites Gurea, with walnut and oak veneer.

Man shop, since 1924 in Bilbao

Man Shop Bilbao: oak floor, shop windows in black lacquered MDF board and furniture (displays, glass displays, shelves) for the unit and offices.