Refurbishment in Aker Bar. Getxo

Bar Aker in Las Arenas Getxo. Installation and later refurbishment. The bar and the entrance were modified, the seats strengthened, decorative elements on the wall and the tables.

Bar Gozatu in Colón de Larreategui. Bilbao

Interior design: Asier Osaba Year of completion: 2014 Location: Bar Gozatu. C/ Colón de Larreategui (Jardines Albia). Bilbao Materials used: untreated sanded oak directly from the lumber mill Bar Gozatu in Jardines de Albia. Bilbao This is a new bar belonging to the...

Bar Gozatu in Plaza Nueva Bilbao

Interior design: Asier Osaba Year of completion: 2012 Location: Bar Gozatu. Plaza Nueva. Bilbao Materials used: Lacquer and untreated oak Bar Gozatu, decorated in unplaned oak The premises are one of three owned by the chain, in which a common appearance is maintained...

Gozatu Bar in García Rivero. Bilbao

Bar Gozatu (García Rivero). First of the chain’s bars: Backlit doors, shelving, tables, long exclusively designed benches in oak wood.